Our services

At Happy Days Pre-School, children learn and develop through active and creative play. A wide range  of equipment is provided which encourages them  to explore and experiment, together with loosely based topics which are adapted to follow children’s  interests.

Activities include games to encourage co-operative play, stories followed by discussion, sorting, matching shapes and counting, looking at different beliefs and cultures, climbing apparatus, small construction sets, imaginative role-play and painting, sand and water together with many many more!

Children’s progress is monitored and recorded in their electronic learning journals, to which parents have access at any time. Parents are encouraged to contribute to their child’s journal by recording any achievements and interests observed at home and by adding their comments online. When your child leaves Happy Days, you will receive a disc with all photos and observations from their leaning journal.

Summative assessments will be based on these records and passed onto Schools. Through these activities, children learn to express themselves and to become independent. Attributes which are vital in preparing them to start school.